Don't Sweat It - How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Cure Hyperhidrosis

Posted on 4 September 2016
Sweating is the body’s way of keeping us cool and stopping us from overheating during exercise and in hot environments. Other factors can also make us sweat more, such as eating spicy food, having the flu, taking certain medications, and experiencing the hot flashes that are associated with the female menopause.

However, as Hyperhidrosis sufferers know well, excessive, regular sweating can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition to deal with.

It’s estimated that 3% of the world’s population suffers from Hyperhidrosis – that’s around 211 million people, and these figures don’t necessarily include those who’ve yet to seek help for their condition. It can affect multiple areas of the body – primarily the hands, feet, and underarms - and often other locations such as the legs, face, scalp, buttocks, groin, neck, and back.

While there are some recommended lifestyle changes Hyperhidrosis patients can make to try and help ease the condition such as frequently applying antiperspirant rather than deodorant, avoiding tight clothing, wearing armpit shields, and avoiding known triggers, many sufferers find that these aren’t enough to help them regain their social confidence and live life to the full.

If you have Hyperhidrosis, and you’re struggling to deal with excess sweating, a course of Botox injections could be the answer. People typically associate Botox with facial rejuvenation procedures, where it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles by limiting muscle activity. When used on Hyperhidrosis sufferers, it also limits muscle activity in the sweat-affected areas, which in turn helps to block the nerves that supply the body’s eccrine (sweat) glands. While Botox injections have been able to bring relief for many people who suffer from excess sweating, they’re not a permanent cure and, therefore, the treatment needs to be repeated every three to six months for maximum results. The procedure is relatively painless and seldom requires an anaesthetic or time off work. It’s also an extremely discreet treatment; so, you needn’t worry about anyone finding out about it unless you choose to tell them.

Liberate Cosmetic Surgery helps hundreds of people overcome Hyperhidrosis every year. So, if you’ve been suffering in silence, there’s no need to sweat it out any longer. Find out more about how we can help by contacting us today.

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