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Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure which removes the excess fat and skin from the breasts, reshaping and repositioning remaining tissue and nipples to form newer smaller breasts. Large breasts are a legacy of genes, body weight and hormonal factors. They can cause back and neck pain and smaller-framed women in particular may suffer discomfort and inconvenience, ensuring that not every woman craves or is content with large breasts.


Difficulties associated with large breasts include: backache, neck pain, shoulder grooves created by bra straps, rashes underneath the breasts as well as self-consciousness, discomfort, embarrassment and psychological distress. Naturally large breasts will droop with gravity. Such problems can be apparent at all ages.

Cosmetic breast reduction is a way to lighten breasts, leave them lifted and firmer, and make chest size more in proportion with your frame. It may also be used to correct asymmetries between your breasts. Simple breast reduction surgery can make such a difference to your life and health. Ask to speak to a Liberate surgeon and take a step toward becoming a more positive, self-confident person.


We want you to look and feel fantastic; with the help of our expert surgeons and exceptional aftercare, we will help you to create the figure you’ve always wanted.  There are a several different types of breast reduction surgery. Each variant has different features; each leaves a scar around the areola. Your breast reduction surgeon will guide you as you select the best technique for you, explain how your breasts are likely to look afterwards and advise of alternative or supplementary procedures.


At your initial consultation, you will meet with the surgeon who will carry out your procedure and support you for as long as you require after surgery. Liberate surgeons are highly qualified members of BAAPS and/or BAPRAS and have carried out these procedures countless times. They will encourage you to ask questions, discuss all aspects of this cosmetic surgery operation with you in detail, ensuring you understand exactly what it entails and what aftercare will be required. Your cosmetic surgery procedure will take place in one of our top private hospitals, so you can be assured that you are in the best possible hands.  Prices include surgeon’s, anaesthetist’s fees and hospital costs.


Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and will require one or two nights’ stay in hospital. The procedure normally takes about two to four hours.
During surgery excess skin and glandular tissue will be removed through cuts in the lower part of your breasts and your nipples will be moved to fit the new shape. The cuts will be closed with stitches, which may be dissolvable. Your breasts will be wrapped in a special supportive dressing. For up to 48 hours afterwards there may be tubes left in each breast to drain fluids away.


On waking after the operation you will need to rest. You may experience discomfort over two or three days for which your surgeon will prescribe medication. You may remain in hospital for a few days. Breast reduction recovery varies from person to person, so it is important to follow your surgeon’s advice. Stitches will be removed around two weeks afterwards. You will need to take time off work and avoid strenuous activity. It is usual for you to be back to normal within six weeks of surgery. Because of the post-operative swelling the final size of your breasts may not be obvious for several weeks. There is likely to be some tenderness and lumpiness of the breasts which will fade over time.


The Liberate Process
Book your consultation

Once you have chosen your surgeon, there are a number of ways to make contact and arrange your initial consultation.

You can send your questions via the contact us page or email us directly here and a member of the Liberate team will contact you to answer any questions you may have and book your appointment.

Meet your surgeon

The next step is to meet the surgeon of your choice. It is likely he/ she consults at two or three different hospitals; we can help you determine which location would be most convenient for you.

During an initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you your concerns and examine you to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery.

He/ She will comprehensively explain what is involved in your procedure and discuss any possible risks associated with the procedure. This will be your first chance to ask all those questions!

Be sure to ask to see the surgeon’s before and after photographs. He/ She will be able to show you photographs of patients in a similar situation to yourself. This can be very useful for you to view the surgeon’s previous results to get an idea of what can be achieved.

Second consultation

Following your initial consultation, your surgeon will ask you to take time to think over all the information you have been given and talk it over with your friends and family. It is best practice for the surgeon to invite you back for a second consultation before you go ahead with any surgery.

This is a good opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen since your first appointment. The surgeon will go through the procedure in more detail and ensure you have realistic expectations of the results possible.


When all your questions and concerns have been answered, the surgeon’s secretary will arrange a convenient date for your surgery. Try to avoid any important dates and events which may clash with your recovery period.

Each patient is different and it is difficult to predict how long your recovery will take. If you have young children make sure you have appropriate child care in place in order for you to recuperate and relax at home without having to look after the children.

After care

With Liberate surgeons, you can rest assured that you will be looked after: before, during, following your surgery and beyond.

All Liberate surgeons make it a priority to see you following your surgery and are available for follow-up appointments.

You’ll be seen by the surgeon who operated on you – not a nurse or a different surgeon. It’s important to us that you see the surgeon you know already.

At Liberate, aftercare is for life.

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Our breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift and nipple correction procedures are all carried out by BAAPS and/or BAPRAS member surgeons, and our post-operative care is second to none.

With Liberate, you can choose your surgeon, based on your individual requirements.

You’ll get to know each other well in advance, and your surgeon will remain with you throughout the whole process.

Learn for yourself why thousands of women each year choose to have breast surgery. Contact Liberate and take the first step towards your new shape.

Whether you're thinking of a tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift or tattoo removal, you can trust Liberate to help you achieve the look you want.

All Liberate surgeons are fully qualified and experienced cosmetic surgery consultants, who are members of either BAAPS and/or BAPRAS.

Unlike many other organisations, we allow you to choose whichever surgeon you’d prefer, throughout the UK.

That’s the Liberate difference.

Liberate offers a wide range of facial procedures including facelift, brow lift, neck lift, eye bag removal, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), chin implants, scar revision and ear reshaping.

Liberate surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in these procedures and you can choose which surgeon you see.

Whatever procedure you are considering you can feel confident you’ll make the right choice with a Liberate cosmetic surgeon.

There is no reason why men shouldn't take care of their bodies and look their best. If you're thinking about having cosmetic surgery then look no further than Liberate.

We have achieved some fantastic results for our male clients and we're confident that you'll be delighted too.

Liberate is one of the only cosmetic surgery providers to offer you the opportunity to choose your surgeon, from our selection of highly qualified, experienced consultants around the country.

If lines and wrinkles are affecting your self confidence, give us a call and we will show you how they can quickly and easily be corrected.

With line and wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, skin peels, scar removal, laser hair removal and  thread vein removal, your Liberate surgeon can help you achieve the look you want.

Liberate is a group of leading cosmetic surgeons throughout the country. Each surgeon is highly trained and qualified, so you can expect to see great results, very quickly. Contact us to find out more.
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